Bass Trombone, Piano, and Dance

EGO (2008) for Bass Trombone, Piano, an Dance for Jeremiah William Stones was written on the basis of a prose "EGO" by Da Jeong Choi.The form of the music, which is in three sections, follows the structure of the poem. Whereas the second section contains Jazz elements, the first section and the third section are constructed out of pointilistic figures andpitch materials derived from the names Arnold Schoenberg (A-D-S-C-B-Bb-E-G) and Alban Berg (A-Bb-A-Bb-E-G ); these motives also appear in Alban Berg‘s Kammerkonzert (1923-5).

Instrumentation: Bass Trombone, Piano, an Dance

Duration: 7 min


Bass Trombone Jeremiah William Stones. Piano Natasha Sukhina, and Choreography and Dance Anna Olvera

April 26, 2010 8:00 p.m. Spectrum Concert, Recital Hall, UNT, Denton, TX, USA