Dream of A Thousand Keys (Rev. 2014)

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

Dream of a Thousand Keys is a twenty minute concerto for piano and orchestra, which consists of a prelude and three movements. In God's creation, the Fibonacci series is easily viewed such as in galaxies, hurricanes, sunflowers, pineapple, petals, sea shells, etc. This series is used in this eclectic and multifarious composition to express powerful and sovereign God of creation. The Fibonacci series determines not only the structure of the work on a macro level but also the form of each movement and the sections on the micro level.

* Transcribed version for Piano and Ensemble (2016) is also available

Analysis of Dream of a Thousand Keys

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Instrumentation: piano and orchestra

Duration: 25 minutes


March 8, 2012 (Orchestral version)
Joven Orquesta Provincial de Malaga Concert to Celebrate International Women’s Day
From Dawn to Sunset (2012) for Orchestra
Teatro Cervantes, Málaga, Spain

Transcribed for Ensemble
Da Jeong Choi, conductor
Zachariah Stoughton, piano
Julee Kim Walker, flute I
Sarah Teichler, flute II
Lori Danielson, clarinet
R. Christopher Teichler, trumpet
Chiaki Hanafusa, alto saxophone
Justin Pierce, tenor saxophone
Saturday, July 16, 2016 at 2:00PM
Connell Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX