Cantus Curatio VII (Healing Melody No.7)

Sikuai (Chinese traditional instrument)

Cantus Curatio VII (Healing Melody VII) for Sikuai (Chinese Traditional Instrument) Solo (5') is written for percussionist Yi-Jan Liu. It consists of three movements: Fontis Curatio, Ventus Curatio, and Flamma Curatio (Healing Water, Healing Wind and Healing Fire,).The performer wears an Asian traditional costume, and displays Theatrical and physical movements.Lighting emphasizes visual effects as well as the three-dimensional sound effects from the dance movements.It is dedicated to the victims (millions) affected by six natural disastersin five countries in Southeast Asia over the past (October 2010): volcano (the eruption of Mount Merapi) in Indonesia, flooding in central Thailand and Viet Nam, and typhoons and cyclones in Taiwan, Myanmar and Philippines.

I.Fontis Curatio (Healing Water)

II. Ventus Curatio (Healing Wind)

III. Flamma Curatio (Healing Fire)

Instrumentation: Sikuai (Chinese traditional instrument)

Duration: 10 min


Yi-Jan Liu (Percussionist & Choreographer)

Nov 20, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. Spectrum Concert, UNT, Denton, TX, USA