Cantus Curatio II (Healing Melody No.2)

Violin Solo

Cantus Curatio II (Healing Melody II, 2008) for Violin Solo is dedicated to victims of Cervical Cancer.The significant musical language in this piece is Non-retrogradable Rhythm, modes from Olivier Messiane's Modes of limited transposition and composer's new mode (C-C#-D-Eb-F#-G-A-Bb).It consists of four sections: A-B-C-A': Nonretrogradable rhythm is thoroughly used in the entire piece. The first section A includes Messiaen's mode 7 and Choi's mode; the second section B comprises mode 3, the third section C contains mode 4 and mode 2, and the fourth section mode 7.

Instrumentation: Violin Solo

Duration: 7 min


November 9, 2008 by Maria Jose Romero Ramos, Musica Donum Concert: A 21st Century Contemporary Music Composition Concert (Duo Concert with Paul Thomas), Trinity United Methodist Church, Denton, TX, USA