Cantus Curatio I (Healing Melody No.1)

Alto Saxophone and Piano

Cantus Curatio I (Healing Melody I) for Alto Saxophone and Piano was commissioned by saxophonist Chiaki Hanafusa for the North American Saxophone Alliance Conference, 2008. This work is dedicated to victims of breast cancer.The structure is ABCA’B’C’: A (meditation of life mm. 1-38) - B (vitality of life, mm. 39-71) – C (joy of life, mm. 72-98), with the same structure recurring with variation in the second half of the work: A’ (mm. 99-117) – B’ (mm. 118-137) – C’ (mm.137-163) - Coda (cure of life, mm. 164-174).The piece starts with a section for meditation, featuring long and stretched notes in the saxophone.String effects and sustained resonance inside the piano aids the meditative effect. The following fast jazz-like passage (C) describes the joy of life and the piece ends with a "cure" motive.

Instrumentation: Alto Saxophone and Piano

Duration: 11 min


March 28, 2008 by Chiaki Hanafusa and Hsing-Yin Ko, Concert Hall, the University of North Texas, Denton, TX USA