Who Am I




Top of the Mountain

Trumpet and Two Percussion Players

Reflection in the Glass

Vibraphone and Live Electronics (MAX MSP)

Lift up My Hands to You

Four Hands for Piano (one piano)

Explorations of a Drum

Snare Drum Solo

Different but One Body

for vibraphone solo and three percussionists


Marimba Solo


Marimba Solo


Bass Trombone, Piano, and Dance

Cantus Curatio VIII (Healing Melody No. 8)

Tenor Trombone (soloist), Trombone Quartet, Inside Piano, and Live Electronics (or 2-channel Electroacoustic Music)

Cantus Curatio VII (Healing Melody No.7)

Sikuai (Chinese traditional instrument)

Cantus Curatio I (Healing Melody No.1)

Alto Saxophone and Piano

Cantus Curatio (Healing Melody)

electroacoustic (CD)

Healing Melody

Violin and Marimba

String Quartet No.1

String Quartet


Film Scoring

Dream of Thousand Keys 

(Rev. 2016)  Transcribed for Ensemble (Original Piano Concerto)

Neo Psalmody

Tenor and Piano

Oh My Dancing Girl

Piano (Ballet)

Fanfare No. 1

Trumpet, Trombone and Piano

Te Deum


Oh My Soul!

Viola Solo

Happiness (행복을 찾아)

Theme song for Women MD-Park Hospital (여성 메디 파크 병원 주제가)